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Social media platform for sailors and ships' crews. Very similar to facebook, with chats, friends, profiles etc. Built with Symfony PHP framework. We designed animations and graphics.

Bosch animations

Animated christmas cards made for Bosch's child-companies Junkers & Buderus. Built by us from the sratch, the end product made in HTML 5 technology, so all the browsers could handle it.

B2B web service made for one of the biggest languages learning school in Poland - Speak Up. We were responsible for designs and HTML5/CSS/JS templates. (Danone)

We built the whole website for Danone's child-company Nutricia, it's about Nutridrink - yoghurt for older people. The website has also e-shop/e-commerce module.

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We can help you in: websites, social media, 3d/2d graphics